Bedouin Burger



Date: 12 May 2023
Venue: Oslo Hackney
1A Amhurst Road, London, E8 1JB
Time: 19:00
Tickets: £16 + Booking Fee (early bird)
£20 + Booking Fee (General admission) + Tickets on the door
Ages: 18+
Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible (Contact venue for further details)

Event Info

Proudly presenting the London debut of Bedouin Burger, the brainchild of euphonious Syrian singer, composer and musician Lynn Adib and the seminal Lebanese producer Zeid Hamdan.

Bedouin Burger exemplifies the power of collaboration and the vigour that is unleashed when creative minds come together in playful exploration. As part of their first ever performance in London together, Lynn Adib showcases a variety of Arabic dialects, from her native damascene to an enchanting Yemeni accent, alongside her unique compositions whilst playing the flutes and Zeid Hamdan goes the extra mile in exhibiting a unique selection of his musical instruments, from the guitalele (beautifully heard on ‘Nomad’) to a 1980s quartertone Yamaha synth he acquired in Turkey, up to the Yamaha CS Preface and a wide array of percussions.

Be prepared for an infectious evening punctuated by futuristic, electronic sounds, infused with classical Arab maqam elements, Levantine, Yemeni and folk rhythms, alongside ageless Arabic poetry. Listen out for some of the Paris based duo’s latest tracks from their upcoming 11 track album, mixing together timeless Arabic folk and nomadic aesthetics with synthetic, futuristic and pop-funk sensualities.

Support on the night comes from Juline, a London-based researcher, filmmaker and DJ hailing from Syria via Sharjah and playing a wide range of sounds and genres from contemporary producers and musicians hailing from the Middle East and North Africa.

This event is co-produced in partnership with Marsm and is supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

Bedouin Burger

Bedouin Burger are a Paris based duo seamlessly intersecting Syrian and Lebanese folk with pioneering
electronica. Their thumping rhythms, stirring vocals and propulsive beats bring together the traveling souls of Bedouin nomads with the free-spirit of our fast-paced era.

Made up of Syrian celestial vocalist, composer and musician Lynn Adib and Lebanese underground
trailblazer, music producer and multi-instrumentalist Zeid Hamdan, Bedouin Burger come with an innovative musical sound inviting sedentary urban dwellers to swing and sway to the sometimes soulful,
often nomadic, jazzy and electronic beats of the Levante, topped by a lyrical sprinkling of Arabic poetry.

Juline Hadaya

Juline Hadaya is a london-based researcher, filmmaker and (sometimes) dj hailing from Syria via Sharjah. Her practice explores themes of representation, lineal memory and post-trauma psychology through experiments with sound and moving-image. After completing her bachelor’s degree in fine art, she spent 7 years working in the arts and music realm as a cultural producer, close to alternative youth communities, focusing on documenting and archiving radical artists and stories of contemporary culture. Alongside her practice, she DJs under many alias’ in order to retain some type of anonymity and has played in recognized venues like Cafe OTO and Ormside Projects in London and Kanal40 in Amsterdam. Juline is also one of the co-founders of SADAA Sound Syndicate, an interdisciplinary and cross-border group of self-organized Syrians who share a deep appreciation for the sonic’s agentive possibilities.